Crank Neck Paring Chisels

Kote Nomi
Item No. Blade Width Price
CKO 001 3.0mm $174
CKO 002 6.0mm $174
CKO 003 9.0mm $174
CKO 004 12.0mm $174
CKO 005 15.0mm $176
CKO 006 18.0mm $181
CKO 007 21.0mm $199
CKO 008 24.0mm $199
CKO 009 30.0mm $212
CKO 010 36.0mm $240
Overall Length : 320mm
White Steel Blade
Red Oak Handle

Crank neck paring chisels are fashioned for trimming dado, rebate and plough cuts. They are also used for trimming the end of a dowel after sawing it flush. A thin, triangular shaped blade offers minimal friction when used in a tight cut, such as cleaning up the bottom of a sliding dovetail.

inserted by FC2 system