Bench Chisels ( Oire Nomi ) Dovetail Chisels ( Umeki Nomi )
Paring Chisels ( Kinari Nomi ) Paring Dovetail Chisels ( Shinogi Kinari Nomi )
Hitting Chisels ( Tataki Nomi ) Crank Neck Paring Chisels ( Kote Nomi )
Mortise Chisels ( Tategu Nomi ) Special Chisels

Mogachan Tool Shop

The blade of Japanese chisel is made in two parts; a softer iron body, extending into the handle, and a hard steel cutting piece hammer-welded to the body. Japanese chisels are harder but also slightly more brittle than European chisels. Take care not to use them roughly or as levers.

Due to the recent movements in the Japanese yen rate, we had to change the prices.

Sorry, we can't import follwing chisels. Blacksmith was dead.
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