Ryoba Noko
Double Edge Saw

Double edge saw is a multi-purpose carpentry saw with two cutting edge. There is a cross-cutting blade on one side and a ripping blade on the other side. Cross-cutting blade is mainly used for cutting across the grain. The teeth have bevels on alternating sides which sever wood fibers like a razor, leaving an extremely fine surface finish. Ripping blade is cutting along the grain. The teeth is making it easier to start cuts and improving overall cutting efficiency.

@ Ryoba 300mm@

Overall length 700mm
Blade length 300mm
Blade thickness 0.7mm
Tooth spacing 3.0mm
Price $85
Spare blade $55

A Ryoba 270mm

Overall length 630mm
Blade length 270mm
Blade thickness 0.6mm
Tooth spacing 2.5mm
Price $72
Spare blade $48

B Ryoba 240mm

Overall length 575mm
Blade length 240mm
Blade thickness 0.5mm
Tooth spacing 1.7mm
Price $68
Spare blade $40
Gyokucho Ryoba saw
Blade length 250mm
Blade thickness 0.50mm
Kers 0.70mm
Tooth spacing 1.40mm (cross cut)
Price $75
Spare blade $42
Z saw Ryoba 250mm
C@Ryoba 240mm Small teeth

This saw has small teeth.
Good for fine cut.

Overall length 575mm
Blade length 240mm
Blade thickness 0.45mm
Tooth spacing 1.3mm
Price $72
Spare blade $44
inserted by FC2 system