All handmade chisel
Handmade steel ferrule
Laminated steel
Hollow back (blade)

Overall Lengh : 220mm

White Steel Blade

Japanese Red Oak Handle

Item No. Blade Width Price
SO 001 1.5mm NZ$116
SO 002 3.0mm NZ$116
SO 003 4.5mm NZ$118
SO 004 6.0mm NZ$118
SO 005 9.0mm NZ$124
SO 006 12.0mm NZ$133
SO 007 15.0mm NZ$141
SO 008 18.0mm NZ$154
SO 009 21.0mm NZ$160
SO 010 24.0mm NZ$160
SO 011 27.0mm NZ$167
SO 012 30.0mm NZ$167
SO 013 36.0mm NZ$174
SO 014 42.0mm NZ$180
SO 015 48.0mm NZ$219
SO 016 54.0mm NZ$285
SO 017 60.0mm NZ$363
SO 018 a set of 10 chisels NZ$1,400

A set of 10 chisels includes 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm and 42mm.

Oire Nomi
inserted by FC2 system